What’s a TurDle?

The revolutionary, patent pending TurDle replicates the natural benefits of squatting by providing distributed pressure on the abdominal wall. Using the TurDle minimizes the amount of pushing and straining, which is why we believe every bathroom should have one. View the video below to see how it works!

How Do You Use a TurDle?

Use the TurDle to gently massage the colon, located in the lower abdomen below the belly button. Each side of the TurDle is a unique shape to allow for different types of massaging. You can gently roll up the right side of your abdomen and down the left side as you move across the “Transverse” portion of your colon. By turning the TurDle on end, you can direct pressure to particular areas, such as the “Descending” colon located on the lower left side of your abdomen. Gentle stimulation will help encourage digestion and prepare for evacuation.

Once you feel ready to defecate, place the TurDle against your lower abdomen. Lean forward and exhale, allowing for gentle, but firm pressure. The curvature of the TurDle will provide pressure that mimics the natural squatting method, as well as relaxing your “Puborectallis” decreasing the need to strain and push.

For an extra push, you can use the side of the TurDle to provide additional leverage if necessary.

Remember, every body is different. Some people will enjoy using the rounded side of the TurDle, while others prefer the direct stimulation of the flat half-moon side. Just remember to relax and be patient. Be sure to avoid excessive straining, which can cause hemorrhoids, constipation, and additional challenges.

For details, watch our instructional video, or view the instruction manual.

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