Scientific Study Shows New Device Could Provide Answer to Constipation

The Common Toilet Has Met Its Hero

Ojai, CA December 22, 2014- Nearly one out of every five North Americans suffer from constipation and hospital costs to treat the condition were estimated at $4.25 billion in 2010 alone. Constipation can also lead to depression, lower quality of life and reduced work productivity. Treatments include use of laxatives, dietary fiber, fluid and exercise.

But a new, patent pending device created by award winning inventor, Reno R. Rolle´ could soon bring major relief to millions.  According to research from the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine published online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the answer to regular bowel movements could lie in self-acupressure.  In a randomized clinical trial, 72 percent of participants said that self-acupressure, a simple technique involving the application of external pressure, helped induce a bowel movement.

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“The TurDle is an ingenious and very affordable little device that you use in the bathroom while seated on the toilet” said Reno Rolle´. “It uses self-acupressure to replicate the beneficial pressure on the colon and abdominal wall that occurs while squatting as nature intended.”

Humans are naturally designed to squat with their body weight supported by the feet when evacuating the bowel, not sit upright with their weight resting on the legs and rear-end.   While squatting, the thighs come in contact with the lower abdomen placing beneficial pressure on the colon and abdominal wall, which helps to trigger the muscular contractions that move waste through and out of the body.  Sitting upright on a toilet is unnatural and does not provide the benefit of this support and pressure from the thighs.  In this case, we are left to push and strain, which can lead to countless health related complications.

The TurDle is a simple, yet ingenious device made of precision foam and designed to fit people of all ages, shapes and sizes.  While on the toilet, The TurDle is used to massage and directly manipulate the colon and other areas of the digestive tract replicating the support and pressure that would be present in the natural squatting position.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be validated by this scientific study” said Rolle´.  “Different from the potty steps and other gadgets that simply raise your feet to mock the squatting position, The TurDle is evidence based and relies on published medical research to make the argument that self-acupressure works to relive constipation. We had a little fun with the name but the job The TurDle does is very serious.”

After being featured on the hit CBS television show “The Doctors”, The TurDle has recently undergone a complete re-design and is gearing up for a major marketing launch in early 2015.

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