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Hemorrhoids are a medical condition found in the anal and rectal areas. Luckily, hemorrhoids are not serious, and can be treated easily using a variety of treatments. Options range from natural supplements to creams, surgery, and lifestyle changes.

The entire Turdle Time System is designed for successful and smooth bowel movements. One of the great benefits of the Turdle and the instructions on squatting rather sitting is the Turdle recommended position puts less stress on the anal and rectal areas. The rectum seems less tense during the bowel movement. By relieving the stress and pressure of the anal area, the treatment of hemorrhoids becomes much easier.

Diet also plays a key role. Eating more fiber, drinking more water, and staying away from alcohol, cutting back on caffeine, and stopping smoking will reduce hemorrhoid irritation. Spicy foods will not help.

Exercise is another key option. Spending less time on your seat is always a good thing, but when you have the uncomfortable itchiness, it is almost unavoidable. Get up and walk.

A long with the Turdle Time Health System and following a few common sense proposals, you can forget about hemorrhoids and enjoy life.



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