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Fiber! Dietary Fiber! What are Thou?

Let’s talk dietary fiber!

Dietary fiber comes in two forms Soluble and Insoluble. Simply, one dissolves in water and the other does not. Soluble fiber is fermented in the colon and processed into gasses and active byproducts. Soluble fibers move slowly. The movement pushes food through the system. Insoluble Fiber does not dissolve in water. These fibers push through the system in bulk. They absorb water as they move through the digestive tract easing defecation. Fibers act as a change agent. A proper mix of fiber is important. A major source of dietary insoluble fiber is beans. Yes, the famous phrase “the more you eat the more you toot,” is a process of a fermenting type fiber.

Now probably the most confusing thing about soluble and insoluble foods is they are usually together in the same food.

Breads, pasta, and cereals make one group that weighs in more on the side of insoluble. Fruits and vegetables lean more to the side of soluble. So what are we to think? Eating more fruits and vegetables is a good thing. Eating less meat is also a good thing. Eating less bread, more pasta, and more cereal is good. There is a lot of discussion on gluten intolerance so being aware white floor is a gluten food.

Therefore, fiber, soluble and insoluble help the digestive system move other rather inert foods like proteins (Read Meat) through the digestive tract. Turdle Time fiber with psyllum husks is the perfect insoluble or bulk mover. Taken with plenty of water and used in a balanced diet psylluim can answer the question of what are thou?


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