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Colon Cleanse Why it is important?

Colon Cleansing: Why it is important?

The reason for colon cleansing is autointoxication. Autointoxication is the building up of undigested meat and other foods causing mucus to form in the colon. The buildup produces toxins. These toxins enter the circulation and poison the body. They cause symptoms like fatigue, headache, weight gain, and low energy.

Toxins enter the bloodstream much the same way a suppository would be used to deliver medication. The colon is a very efficient organ. Sailors stranded at sea have used salt-water enemas to stay hydrated. Drinking salt water will make you extremely sick and dehydrated.

Reflexes in the bowel affect the entire nervous system. If you have ever had an enema to relieve constipation you would instantly feel your entire system improve. A colon cleanse clears out large qualities of stagnant and toxic waste encrusted on the colon walls. The results are improved mental outlook, improved immune system, losing weight, reduced risk of disease.

Colon cleansing has been studied in relation to medical conditions and procedures such as fecal incontinence, Ostomy care, spasm during colonoscopy, drug withdrawal, and before bowel surgeries.

After a colon cleansing it is important to eat healthy. Increase both soluble and insoluble fiber this will help reduce the chances of gastrointestinal problems including constipation, and diverticular disease. Eat more bran, fruit, raw vegetables, and less meat and junk foods. Especially drink more fluids.

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