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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Breathing


You may not have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) but it sure feels like it. We all get tired some for period. The longer it lasts the more we tend to worry about being fatigued. We start self-diagnosis that creates more worry. Worry combined with Life and all its trials and tribulations creates more fatigue. This circle of increased worry and fatigue can be broken. Let’s say you have gone to your Doctor and he has given you a diagnosis and it doesn’t include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He might have recommended to take some vitamins, do some exercise, eat foods with less carbohydrates, less sugars, less of a lot of things you find to be your comfort foods, because you are tired and worried you don’t want to give up those life lines. But alas you are stuck and you won’t be able to break the circle of fatigue.

When I am tired, I hate to listen to advice. I don’t want to hear people who aren’t tired to tell me how to get better. In fact my irritably index is inversely related to my fatigue. So don’t be mad when I tell you there a couple of positive steps you can take to break both the physical and mental cycles of fatigue.

Let’s start with something easy; breathing. Studies have found that improper chest breathing can build up excessive CO2 in the deeper regions of the lungs. This contributes to feeling tired, headaches, muscle aches as, frankly, many other things you may come in contact during the day. Take a moment and breathe deeply, don’t just huff like you do at you know who, take a deep breath and exhale as much as you can. Repeat a couple of times. Do not hyperventilate breath.  Now during your hectic day take a moment and breath. Let these breathing moments be a little moment of meditation. I like to take a deep breath, close my eyes and roll my eyes as far up as possible, hold it (eyes and breath) then slowly exhale and relax my eyes. You will feel very relaxed. Clear your mind. Take a moment and let it happen.

Now you can follow your doctor’s advice eat right, drink fluids, and exercise. The cycle will begin to break as long as you just breathe.


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